Services We Offer:

We offer you a wide variety of services ranging from simple buttons and banner creation to web site design, redesign, and maintenance. We have all the latest web technology innovations at our fingertips and possess vast experience boosting us to complete any Web and/or IT project. Our developers are fully educated in the use of advanced web programs and specialize in designing effective, interactive internet web sites. We also provide the essential elements that your site must contain in order to be accepted by search engines.

Affordable Consulting is experienced in the following:

  • Web Page Design
  • Web Page Layouts
  • Maintenance on your existing site(s)
  • Application development and installation
  • Database application development and installation
  • Streaming Media (Audio and Video)
  • Logo Designs
  • Banner Ad Design
  • Image Manipulation

Please feel free to browse our portfolio, submit data for a quote, or to contact us about any specific questions you may have.